The Beginning…

Well here is the beginning of my online journal. I would like to share a story about my very first bus trip. I was doing some job training in Saint Paul, MN and didn’t have a car so I had to take the bus. Now this was my first bus ride ever and I was in an unfamiliar place because I lived in Minneapolis but I thought it couldn’t be that bad. 

The day starts out and I am sitting on this bench waiting for the bus to pick me up and this lady sits down next to me. She looks to be in her 40’s and she seems to be pretty nice. She offers me something to drink and i politely refuse and then she rips this huge fart. She says “I’m so sorry I guess that popcorn and coke will do that to me every time”.  Then she starts fanning herself and says" I’m so glad I didn’t wear a bra today it is really hot out here". At this moment I am thinking WOW lady way too much information but ohh did it get worse.

She continues talking" Don’t ever go to that Saint Jude’s hospital,“ she says,” they will leave you there to die I ought to know I went to the movies last night and 734 people tried to kill me and they just left me on that hospital table to die". Ok I am freaking out now this lady is obviously not mentally stable. 

The bus arrives and I am thinking it will be ok once I get on the bus it can’t get any worse but ohh was I wrong. The lady that had been talking to me on the bus bench gets into a fly killing contest with a girl on the bus. They are trying to kill the flies with their feet so they are jumping up and down and stomping on the bus. Then I hear the guy behind me begin a conversation with himself, yelling at himself and using different voices. I am holding onto my book bag as tight as possible but it is the only secure thing I know around me at this point. Oh and then the bus driver gets into a conversation with someone on the bus about how he bbq and ate his hamster.

I sighed a sigh of relief when I got off that bus and waited for my connection. 

Well then my connection bus never showed up. I call the bus lines and they tell me that something happened to my connection bus and that the only bus that can get me near to where I need to go will only be able to drop me off 9 blocks from where I need to be. The bus drops me off in the middle of a neighborhood in the middle of nowhere. I am dressed in full polyester and it is 90 degrees outside and I don’t have a clue as to where I am. I just start walking in one direction and by the grace of God begin to kind of find my way to the building that the meeting is at.

I am thinking that this horrible trip is almost over and that it can’t get any worse when something else happens. This really nice car begins to slow down and follow beside me at the pace I am walking. I look over and this man tells me to get in the car. I look over and there is money everywhere and he is holding tons of money in his fist. “Get in the car it looks like you could use something to drink and maybe something to eat” he says. I politely decline and he begins to get impatient,“Get in the car”. I refuse again this time a little more firm. After demanding me a couple more times to get in the car he gives up and drives away. I am overwhelmed at the thought of what could have happened to me and think I am in the clear until the truck behind him swings by and this guy leans out the window and yells,“ How Much?” At this point I take off running in the direction I need to go. I made it to my job training out of breath, sweaty and scared. 

This is a true story. This was my first bus trip and all of these events happened in one day.

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