I’m Here Again

Well Hello….

I have been so busy in the last couple of days that this is the first time I have been online in three days….I know my followers are disappointed 🙂 but I am here again.

Well I started my new job at Old Navy. I worked the last three days and on very little sleep might I add. I was so tired that when I came home from work today I went to sleep at 7pm and didn’t wake up till 11pm. A little pre bedtime nap. I am still tired though.

Last night was fun we all went over to David’s house and had Monty Python night. It was my first time to see this movie because my parents banned it from my house when I was growing up. What did I think of the movie all I can say is “NI!”

On a different note I would like to say a little thank you to David and Courtney for all of your help lately… You have fed me, entertained me and even worked out with me…. I really appreciate all that you have done for me…. I am sad that you guys are leaving but I am glad that we have gotten to know one another….

Well I am off to slumberland…Sweet Dreams all~~

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