Death In The Family

My Aunt Bernice died today…The funeral is Thursday…The sad part was having to tell my grandmother that her sister died and then she forgets so you have to re tell her…We took Granny to the doctor today and he ordered a MRI because he thinks that she is having strokes…So my days are consumed with taking care of my grandmother and cleaning the house…I did get to go to Nashville this weekend and see my friend DAVIDTHEGREAT…HI DAVID…It was fun…We hung out at the opry mall and did some Christmas shopping…He even got to meet my brother Joe….

Not much else is going on…I am getting ready for boot camp…Am still really concerned about my weight…I am kinda scared to go running around here because I could get attacked by a wild animal or shot by a hunter…Think I might risk it tomorrow…

Nothing else new…No new news….

HI AMANDA! you rock.I’m sorry to hear about your aunt… and your grandma… that stinks 😦

Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

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