Fun With Friends

Well today we had our family Christmas…I got a shirt and a journal and some money from Mom and Dad…My Aunt Loree came and we havent seen her in a long time…She is really off her rocker a bit…

Later tonight though our friend Chris got into town and we all went over to his house and hung out…Joe and Chris jammed on the electric guitar and the new drums that Chris’ Dad got for Christmas…It was a lot of fun…Michael is here too so our gang was back together again…We had a blast…Michael and I climbed up on the roof and stared at the stars for a while it was really pretty up there…Cold but pretty…We counted three shooting stars then had to get down cause we were really cold…I believe we are all going to hang out tomorrow and go see LOTR Return of the King after church and then hang out for the rest of the day…Fun times…

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