Well it is almost three in the morning and I just cannot seem to fall asleep…
You know you get all tired and you feel like you just can’t keep your eyes open and so you lay your head on the pillow and then BAM you are wide awake…I HATE that…

Well today was a really relaxing day…Me and David played some super nintendo…We have way too much fun playing that thing simply because we laugh our butts off at each other…Then we finished the house cleaning to prepare for his parents coming here TOMORROW morning…Well then we get a phone call they are forty minutes from being in Nashville…They totally surprised us by showing up a day early…It was funny they totally got us on that one…So his parents came and we introduced ourselves and then we did what every American does when family comes…We went to Wal-Mart…LOL…I think that is too funny…

They are really great people and I am really excited about hanging out with them tomorrow…That is if I am awake enough to enjoy it…I need to sleep…CANT SLEEP…

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