Everything Domestic~

Well today I officially started on our de-weeding our yard…

I was outside from 1:00 until 7:30pm…I am so tired and physically drained from the blazing heat…Not to mention all the pollen and plant smells…I feel good though…I almost finished our sidewalk that goes down to the road…Will finish it tommorow…

Highlight of the day…One of our neighbors came over and introduced herself which was really nice…We talked for a while about lawncare and how to take care of our new kitty…She is a really nice lady…She wanted to make sure that we had our number incase we ever needed her help for anything…

So every day that goes by I realize more and more how my life has changed so much…I am now Amanda the housewife…I do projects around the house and the yard and I LOVE it…I love being married to David…and I LOVE taking care of our house…I love where I am at right now…God is soooooooo good to me…

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