The Last Couple of Days~


On Thursday David and I did the usual get all of the errends done thing…
~We cut the grass
~got my official id with my new name Amanda Oney Taylor
~Just so happend that I was able to get my lerners permit and can finally learn how to drive
~registerd me to vote
~came home
~had our devotional time
~finished sending out wedding pictures and writing letters
~Then we went and saw Luna Halo…I would like to add that this was my first Luna Halo show ever and they totaly ROCKED…After the concert we talked to the band for a bit and it was really cool to get to know them on a little bit of a personal level. Nathan dedicated mine and David’s favorite song “Bittersweet” to us. WAY COOL. Luna Halo is awesome on CD but they are even better live…It was way awesome to see them live.


Friday was a more low key day…
~Slept in till 1:00PM because we got home at 3:00
~Went to the mall and picked up my ring from getting sized
~Came home
~Ate dinner
~watched Zoolander
~went to bed early 9:00pm, we were wiped


Saturday is our fun day…
~woke up super early because we went to bed super early
~played with our new kitty Luci
~ate breakfast
~went back to bed because we got tired
~woke up
~did laundry
~did the dishes
~clean kitty box (I’m proud of you David)
~made the bed and washed the sheets
~put away laundry
~played a yet again intense game of monopoly while watching movies
~movies watched:
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Josie and the Pussycats
The Tuxedo
The Whole Nine Yards
~Goofed off because we are both dorks
(winner of monopoly still pending the adding up of the monies…will be announced at the end of the post)

So this has been our weekend so far…David goes back to work tommorow which means I get to start doing projects around the house…
Projects Planned:
Sunday: clean house, work in office, work on promo packet
Monday: weed the yard
Tuesday: weed yard, take out all trash, paint poles on carport
Wendsday: clean house, do laundry, pack bags for Richmond trip

I find that the days when David is not here the best thing for me to do is to have projects to do to keep my mind off of how much I miss him while he is gone.

I would also like to note in this post that God has been VERY good to me and deserves to be praised…He has just been showing me more and more of his love and faithfulness…WE have such an awesome God…

And the winner of Monopoly is: Me $17,380
David $12,185
I won yet again…This is twice in a row…David you need to catch up 🙂

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