A Shocking Doctors Visit

I thought I had seen it all. Over my life I’ve had a ton of medical tests but today’s beat it all. I knew that I was going to be poked with needles but I had no idea what I was really in store for. For all who don’t know (which you should by now lol) I have been struggling with pain in my legs. It started in January and just has gotten worse and worse. The doctors have thankfully ruled out all the really bad diseases like lupus and RA but they are still doing tests trying to figure out what is wrong. So today was a nerve test.

First the nurse came in she was really nice. I told her she was too nice for what she had to do to people all day. She put these node type things on my feet and legs and then shocked my nerves. It hurt so so so bad. I have no way to describe it. It was kinda like when I shocked myself with the Christmas lights only worse and up and down my legs. So after about 30 mins of that I thought we were done. Nope, then the doctor comes in. First of all he had no bedside manner at all. I’ve never met this guy in my life and he walks in doesn’t even say hi and walks over to the counter and picks up my iphone then proceeds to try and remove the case. Umm yeah what the heck. I guess he has an iphone and wanted to know what kind of case I had. But seriously having never met him I don’t know why he thought he had the freedom to do that. So then he barely explains what he is about to do to me. He then pulls out this huge freaking needle and jams it into my foot. After doing so he tells me he is then going to scrape my muscles. The needle is hooked up to some sort of machine that listens to the muscles move. I know right I had no idea muscles made sound. So then he starts just digging this needle in me scraping my muscle, and there is this loud screaching sound and I’m doing everything I can not to scream. It hurt sooooooo bad. Then he pulls the needle out and stabs it into another part of my leg. This went on and on and then he got to my hip. Oh my it felt like I was being stung over and over by a huge hornet. Just thinking about it now many many hours later and its still stinging.

So finally I’m done the doctor barely says goodbye to me. He did manage to tell me I have some nerve damage in my foot and who knows where else. Guess I will know more when I meet back up with my regular doctor. So he goes to leave barely saying goodbye, no closure just put your pants back on and leave. It was awful walking out of that place. It was worse than when I was in the ARMY and they gave me a polygraph test. I was pretty much in shock for a few hours and am still in pain. My right foot keeps buzzing like its being zapped over and over again. I never want to get that test done again. I never want to see that doctor again. But I am thankful to finally know that I do have nerve damage. Answers are good…but getting to them can be very painful and very hard.

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