Shout out to a Great Husband

Today started out like every other Saturday. David works from 10 am to 8 p.m. so I spend the day doing chores or relaxing. Around 11 am I hear the doorbell for the back door ring and I open the door to discover a dozen red roses. David had run around to the front door by the time I got to the back door. It was so sweet. I miss him being home on Saturdays. How sweet was that!

When we first found out about AVN I didn’t really know how David was taking it. I was on my computer writing that email to all of you and he really wasn’t showing much emotion about it. Doesn’t help that I had just gotten a biopsy for a lump in my breast and we were waiting on the results for that. So finally one night we just had a really long talk before we went to bed. I asked him how he was doing and finally found out he was dealing with it all just as much as I was. He was just trying to keep a straight face so that he could be strong for me. How sweet is that!

We had a long talk about how I plan on fighting this thing and we did find out I am cancer free which relieved a lot of the stress that week. We talked about support. I really believe to overcome this I am going to need his support and he agrees with me. We sat down and devised a plan on how we would take care of the house work. Little things about who will put the laundry in the washer and who will fold the clothes. Who will vacuum and who will dust. Just basically taking a look at our day to day housework and splitting it up so were each helping each other.

I have to again give a shout out to David on this. He has been so helpful doing the housework with me. Now I do need to add here that there were a few areas I had to grow in involving this area. Before the injury I did all the house work. When I saw it needed to be done it was done. So I have had to work on relying on David and his timing. I have learned patience and just because something does need to be done it doesn’t have to be done right away.

Also he has been really awesome about my diet goals. When I mention I want something for dinner he will ask “are you sure thats what you want to eat’ ”honey are you sure you need a snack right now“

Its been awesome how helpful and direct he has been with me. We have such an amazing relationship where we talk about things and that is my favorite part about our relationship.

So today honey you get a huge shout out in the blog! Your awesome, amazing, loving, and supportive. Love you!

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