New Hope

Wow I am still trying to process today. Where do I even start.

I guess we could start with the first part of the story. I have a friend named Beth. She is a huge encouragement to me. For about 2 years she has been on a cane and deals with other issues that were really hard on her physically. She has been seeing a lady named Rachel that is not only a Christian but has a ministry/business where she works with you on an individual basis to deal with your physical issues through alternative medicine and vitamins and herbs. Beth had a pivotal turning point in her journey when she met with Rachel and is now off her cane and doing amazing!

So my friend Beth told Rachel about my situation and today I finally got to visit her office while Beth was in for her appointment/followup. Rachel was able to shed a whole new light on my situation. I learned today that what I have isn’t just something that affects the blood vessels its an actual disease in my blood. So even if I were to have surgery and have a full hip replacement the disease in my blood would just attack another joint in my body. She has just treated another patient with AVN. He came into her office in my shoes. On crutches, being told his only options were surgery. She was able through herbs and alternative treatments to help him completely rebuild his hip bone and now he is completely disease free. How amazing and encouraging this was for me I can’t describe.

When I was diagnosed I really felt like I could beat this, that God would provide a way for me to do that without surgery. Then after two doctors visits with a surgeon who is the specialist in Virginia for AVN I was pretty discouraged. My X-rays are starting to show the impact of the disease on my hips and I really didn’t like that at all.

So now I’m so excited there is another path of treatment. I start this Friday she is going to work with me on my nutrition and pain levels to begin. The other thing that is so amazing about this is not only is she going to treat the AVN but she is going to treat my entire health. I’ve had chronic migraines since a young child and she believes she can help me with this issue as well and just my overall health.

I’m so blessed to have Beth in my life. She has agreed to take me to all doctors visits. I couldn’t do this without her.

I’m just so excited that today I was renewed with hope that I really can do this. I can beat this thing without surgery and trust me I will be blogging about all of this because its going to be quite the journey.

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