Progress Update

Well it has been over a month now since I have started my new treatment with Dr. Rachel. Her therapy has really helped me in many areas. Not only does she help me in the physical but she is a great spiritual help as well. I really enjoy therapy days because while she is doing therapy we talk and talk and talk about what God is doing in our lives and all kinds of interesting stuff.

I see her every Wednesday and she does a variety of therapy on me. She uses acupuncture for the pain. I was really skeptical about that at first but I tell you it helps me sooooooo much! She also does some neat therapy with frequencies that help kill the bacteria in my blood. I’m on a load of homeopathic drops that do everything from cleanse my blood to rebuild my blood cells themselves. Also the drops are boosting my bone metabolism growth and repair my joints. And a great side effect NO MORE MIGRAINES!!! One of the drops helps heals soft and connective tissue. I truly believe that there was damage to my soft tissue causing me to have daily migraines because a while on this drop and the headaches are gone. I still get an occasional build up of sinus pressure but no headaches!!!!

For someone that throughout their life has lived with chronic pain I can’t tell you how great I feel. I know that I’m still in pain in my legs. I can’t walk a lot of the time or my legs give out. But not having that daily headache makes it easier for me to focus and concentrate on things in life.

So how are my legs doing?

Well at my last surgeons appointment it was the first time I had seen him since being treated by Dr. Rachel. So I was really excited and nervous to see what the Xrays had to say. For the first time since I was diagnosed there was no further deterioration to my hips on the Xray. This is HUGE. It doesn’t mean that the disease is reversing yet but it does show that what were doing is working. You also have to understand that every single time before this that I have been seeing the surgeon (since July) all my Xrays have changed drastically from appointment to appointment. So to see no deterioration is a huge deal. Of course the surgeon still wants to do surgery and for me lose a bazillion pounds (30-50) but I’m still holding onto my faith that I will overcome this naturally.

So how is the weight journey going?

Well for the first few weeks with Dr. Rachel I was a bit groggy and foggy and couldn’t really do much. This is because my body was in such intense detox. So I couldn’t really workout or eat much. No I’m feeling much better but I am only able to workout about 30 mins. I could do longer but any longer on the bike and I can’t walk the rest of the day. But every little bit helps. I was also before Dr. Rachel watching what I eat very closely. It’s so easy once you fall off that track to get back to it. But I have been getting better and better. I don’t know what I weigh right now because my scale isn’t working but everyone keeps telling me that they can see it in my face and body.

So I’m going to keep pressing through. I won’t lie this journey is NOT easy at all. I walk with crutches and have to use a wheelchair sometimes. I’m officially handicapped but at least everywhere I go has reserved parking. My friends and family have been amazingly supportive. Mom and Dad Taylor even came over yesterday and cleaned the house for me. So I’m really blessed and God is providing!

Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement while I’m on this journey. I appreciate all of you.

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