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Random but Insightful, You Tell Me

This post may seem random and out of left field, well I’ll let you be the judge.

So since I’m working on my new schedule adjustments I got up at 9:30 am and promptly went to work in the office. I got a ton of work done and then went from there to housework. I was kicking butt and taking names so to say. Getting things done. Started the laundry, put away the last of the Christmas stuff did the dishes man I was feeling good.

So after all my hard work I took a big sigh of relief as I plopped on the couch to maybe watch a TV show before David gets home. Thats when I spotted it to the right of me. A little tiny spider crawling on the wall next to my lamp. I was so pooped I decided to just let it go and let it crawl away. After a few minutes of looking over my shoulder to make sure it wasn’t going to try and crawl on me a thought occurred.

So many times we get ourselves in order take care of our internal mess. Clean up our act. Deal with our past issues those type of things. But we see that little spider crawling on the wall that little area we were just too tired to deal with at the moment and then there we are looking over our shoulder every couple of minutes. We let something go when God gave us the opportunity to take care of it.

So that was just a thought I had today. After I post this I’m getting up and finding that spider and killing it. For the record I HATE SPIDERS!

1 thought on “Random but Insightful, You Tell Me”

  1. Spiders – I am with you on that one!I loved how your tied this post all together. Letting something go when God gave us the opportunity to deal with it. I hope you find that spider! 😉

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