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Day 5-So Long Insecurity

Today I had the great privilege to attend a simulcast with Beth Moore and about 300,000 other women across the United States and Canada on Beth Moore’s new book “So Long Insecurity, You’ve been a bad friend to us.” This was such an amazing experience. To realize I was in a room with 300 other women from all over my area to sit in a crowded church pew with them and worship with them and cry with them and then to hear that 300,000 of us were doing this all over the United States at the same time, I can’t begin to describe how surreal that was. I was just sitting there blown away with God’s glory and what He was doing in the hearts of women all around me and listening to the voices singing praise songs to Him and I just couldn’t even begin to imagine what heaven will feel like. Thinking about those women’s voices right now singing Amazing Grace as we closed the teaching today still brings tears to my eyes. So needless to say my heart is full today. There was so much that God did in my heart as well. I’ve been on this “So Long Insecurity” journey with about 6,000 other women on Beth Moore’s blog and today just felt like a completion took place. So I wanted to take my journey note today to share a few key things I learned.

First of all I LOVE the title of this book, “So Long Insecurity, You’ve been a bad friend to us.” I agree, insecurity for me turned me into my own worst enemy and I learned today that resounded with a lot of the other women at the simulcast.

I’m still digesting a lot of today so I’m going to refer to my notes and kinda bullet point through them the best I can. I hope my gibberish makes some sense ☺

As I previously stated we have NOTHING to gain from insecurity. Insecurity and humility are NOT the same thing. Insecurity is not a weakness its an unbelief. Boy I think that is the biggest thing that ministered to me. Having dealt so much in the past with fear and God showing me that being riddled with fear was unbelief and then to hear that insecurity is unbelief I think it finally clicked for me. How can I believe all the things God says about me in the word are true if I’m riddled in fear and doubt myself all the time. Its like doubting Him.

The scripture passage that we covered most of the day was Ephesians 4:1-5:2

Ephesians 4:22-23 really ministered to me as well. In order not to live in that fear, in that insecurity I need to do what this scripture says:

22 you took off your former way of life, the old man that is corrupted by deceitful desires; 23 you are being renewed in the spirit of your minds;

I have to put off my old self, even if my old self is what i did or didn’t do yesterday and renew my mind every day. Renew my mind in His promises and what He says I am not what my mind tries to convince me that I am. If I do this then my and make a choice to be secure then my feet and actions will follow and eventually so will my emotions. They will all become deep rooted in my security in Him. My security in Him and not people or myself just in Him and who He is and who He has called me to be.

Another key point towards the end of the session today that I really caught a hold of is that the enemies biggest tool is guilt. If he can guilt us to living in our past we get stuck. Our past has to truly be just that our past nothing more. It doesn’t have a hold on me anymore and I am FREE from it!

Also in reference to our past we need to forgive because we have been forgiven. She used this analogy that was a bit out there but it really got the point across. Unforgiveness is like a giant tapeworm that will eat at you and eat at you until you have nothing nutritious (fruitful) left inside of you to give to others. Doesn’t that just make you want to stop and take a look at your life and see who you need to forgive, It did for me. So I know I have some praying and homework to do this week.

And one of the biggest points of the day. We will never move forward in being a secure women in Him until we accept the fact that we are fully and wholly loved by God. The God of this Universe!

Ok I better stop here because I could keep going and going but I’m just so excited about this new part of the journey He has me on and can’t wait to see how He works through those amazing 300,000 other woman who have made the choice to live a secure life with their security resting in Him. Beth Moore said it best today this wasn’t just a study this was the start of a revolution, and I’m ALL IN!

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