Bible Study In The Dark

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Tonight we were just sitting down to eat and have some chit chat when the power went out. So we opened up all the blinds to let all the natural light in and lit some candles. It was a really nice and peaceful set up. I loved hearing everyone’s stories of everything God is doing in their lives with this study. I think the power going out just added to the study and didn’t take away like it could have. Thanks to all my ladies for bringing food items and helping out with cleaning up. Karen you made some amazing pasta can’t wait to learn more from you about growing my own herbs. Your such a blessing.

3 thoughts on “Bible Study In The Dark”

  1. looks like fun… even in the dark. growing your own herbs… best thing ever. (ok, maybe not THE best… but pretty awesome.)

  2. Amanda, Seems like a great atmosphere for last week's study! Looking for you to share answers on my blog, last week's post. I like your new look for your blog! Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Sandy- I finally got my responses updated to the site today. Thanks about the compliment to the look on my blog. I've been working on it a lot I'm really enjoying playing around with the design and widgets.

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