A Busy Weekend

Wow what a busy weekend feels like I”m still recovering. First event was on Sunday we had the Bryant Family Reuntion. They do this every year and its always nice to catch up with everyone and as some of the cousins are getting engaged and married its nice to see the family growing.

What’s always fun too about family reunions is trying to getting a family photo taken. I managed to get these two shots and even though were not all perfect I thought they turned out great and gave you a true feel of the event and the family.

family reunion 2010

Then after going home and relaxing for a few hours it was off again to see our great friend Adlan Cruz perform. He is such an amazing talent and I really enjoying getting to meet with him while he was in town and finding some ways I can help him and his ministry. Also during the concert a few of my friends came to see him for the first time. They loved it. Afterward I got a couple shots of me and Sydney goofing off. Love her she is so much fun.

Me and Sydney

Then it was time to say goodbye to Adlan. Hopefully we will get to see him again soon. I’m just so excited about helping him out and lightening some of his work load in a few small areas.

Adlan @ FLM

So as you can imagine we were pooped after Sunday but that doesn’t stop us. Today was our friend Matt Dawson’s Birthday. So tonight after David got off work we went and saw the movie Inception with him and then afterward a few other friends came over and we had cake and played our favorite game Dominion.

Dawson's Birthday

I’m so loving having these work friends of David’s in our lives. They are such a blast to hang out with. This weekend were planning on going to see a play together so you know I’ll be taking many pics. Can’t wait. And now I head to bed. Got to get some work done around her tomorrow and maybe some laundry. Clean laundry would be a nice thing πŸ™‚

~Night All

1 thought on “A Busy Weekend”

  1. looks like lots of fun. we missed the adlan concert. They didn't have child care & I had visions of Reece running up on stage, flipping over instruments etc. etc. etc. Would not have been enjoyable at all. She is way to busy at this stage πŸ™‚ I love adlan though. We were able to enjoy his music a little during the morning services. it was nice. glad you get to help him out a bit. that's awesome.

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