Catching Up-Massive Blog/Pic Update

Wow I’ve been taking pictures galore and writing blogs in my head but they just haven’t made it up here on blogger yet. Why because we’ve been so busy and it just keeps getting busier!

This past week on Wednesday we went to see one of our favorite bands House of Heroes at the Canal Club. I love these guys they are so talented and their new CD made the top 100 I think they came in 45 or something like that. You have to check them out!

HOH-Canal Club

photo 2

We have some friends from Virginia Beach and Williamsburg that came out for the concert. Always great to catch up with these guys.

photo 1IMG_0595

After the concert the guys hung out a bit then did an interview for a friend of ours that works for about their new album. I’m so happy they did the interview for him and can’t wait to link you guys to the video. The band was being goofy using the drums as props and fake microphones.

photo 3photo 8

Ok that finally catches you guys up on the House of Heroes show. Going to post another blog with more pics on David’s cousin’s engagement shower. It was so sweet!

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