Scrapbooking Tips and a Little Re-Organizing

So after coming back from NYC I’ve been feeling really inspired. It’s like a creative light-bulb has gone off and I’m feeling super creative again. We’ve lived in our new house for over a year now which means that for over a year my scrapbooking and painting stuff has been stuffed in a closet so I had to remedy this as soon as we returned! So my scrapbooking stuff was in the top of this closet. We call this closet the closet of fun. I pulled it all out and with my husbands help (help is so nice) we re-organized the game closet. I think it came out great!

game closet

Now onto the office. Until I have the money to really do what I want with my office I am happy to just make some small changes that will keep me content until then. Some of the issues I was having was I wasn’t happy with the arrangement of where my chair was and because my office is painted a really dark color for media purposes I hate the lighting. You need good lighting to scrapbooking and for painting and when I have the money I will be getting my office re painted. The jury is still out on which color I want to go with but anyway back to the point. So I moved my chair over to my bookshelf corner and created a reading nook and moved my lamp over to the chair giving it more light. I think the lamp light was getting lost in the window light. It was over by the window before and I just don’t think the lamp was able to do its job over there. So then I brought in my card table moved it over under the window and opened up the curtains. I should mention that I hate the curtains and the curtain rod but for now they are ok. I will be replacing those too when I figure out what my new wall color will be. I love natural light. I have these bins that I was using to store some tapes for work so I re-purposed them for my scrapbooking stuff. Now throughout the year I can fill them up with all my stickers and numbers and scrapbooking tools. I was even thinking I could get some really neat cups and tins to put in the window sill for markers and pencils that kind of thing. Ok here is the picture of how that all came out.

office 1

So then I had to create some shelf space on my bookshelf for my scrapbooks. I took a row of books and moved them up to the top of my shelf. Now I finally can use my grandmothers bookends that I repainted. I LOVE these guys and have been using them as decorations for years but now they are finally being used for what they were built for. I always have a tray that I keep out to collect the things from the year. All our birthday cards, Christmas cards, movie tickets, concert tickets anything that is worth scrapbooking I throw in this tray. Then at the end of the year I collect all these things and put them in one of those huge Ziploc bags and mark the year on it. This is a great idea for keeping your stuff organized by year and category until you can get to it! Once I put it in the Ziploc bags I then put those bags in my blue tote marked scrapbooking. I know I know I’m a bit too organized but I cant’ help myself its in my bones!! So here are a few up close shots of my system.

office 2

Hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks. Here is my last tip that I will leave you with. Don’t let scrapbooking overwhelm you. It can get expensive and you find yourself trying to go out and find all those stickers and pages and my oh my. Here is an awesome trick. I LOVE target. When you walk into Target they have those awesome $1 racks right when you walk in. Well I go and check those out all the time they always have stuff according to the season like stickers, papers, card kits great stuff for scrapbooking and guess what its $1. I collect this throughout the year put them in my bins and bingo when I’m ready to create page I have my supplies right there!

This was fun I might have to show off some of my scrap-book pages in a future blog 🙂

Night all

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  1. Hi Amanda,You would love this course. It is just in the first week . . . so I would e.mail them and see. I have been out of town so am just catching up. It is a huge class with voer 500 students. I am already learning so much.Let me know what you find out.Fondly,Glenda

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