New York Day 2

So after our bad experience day one of New York in the the Bronx we decided to abandon the hotel in the Bronx even thought it was paid for and booked a hotel online around 1 in the morning. We wanted a nice hotel too I wanted a nice shower! So we booked ourselves a room at the Millennium Hilton in Manhattan for the rest of our trip. We went to bed that night having locked the room up tight and tried to get as much sleep as we could. When we woke up we both decided the shower was just too gross to attempt getting another shower. We came up with the phrase “get the heck out of dodge” and that’s exactly what we decided to do. We thought we had to check out by noon so we threw everything in the suitcase, I threw on my Yankees hat to cover up my non showered hair and we check out. David had gotten online while I was packing up the suitcase and booked us a cab so we sat on the curb of the Bronx hotel and waited for our cab. We waited and waited and waited and no cab ever came. So then David called 411 on his phone got the number for the cab company called the cab company and gave them his reservation number. They then informed him that they don’t do reservations online and they don’t’ give reservation numbers. I had heard to watch out for these kind of scams but I guess we just weren’t aware enough. Good thing is my husband works for a credit card company so he knows how to refute these kind of charges. So after about 45 mins of sitting waiting for a cab that never showed up we called “Dan the taxi man” from the NY Yankees game the night before. He got stuck in really bad traffic because of a car accident but he came to our rescue yet again. By the time he got to us we had been on the curb for about 2 hours it was now about 2 in the afternoon we hadn’t had anything to eat or anything to drink. We were starving and thirsty and just wanted “the heck out of dodge”. Dan was awesome. He cranked up the air conditioner for us packed up my scooter in the back put our huge red suitcase in the passenger seat next to him and we took off. He even took us through a McDonald’s drive through. So that was the last we saw of the Bronx and honestly unless we go back for a Yankees game I’ll probably never want to go back to that part of NYC. When Dan dropped us off at our new hotel he hugged us and cried. He was such a sweet man and I can’t thank him enough for coming to our rescue.


So remember I told you we booked our hotel online at 1 am right. When we drove up to our hotel I literally started shaking and lost my breath. Our hotel was at ground zero. I had no idea that was where our hotel would be and seeing it that close and so unexpected literally took my breath away. Our room was on the 37th floor so we had quite the view of ground zero. I talked to the bell hops and some of the other workers at our hotel. They told me that the hotel lobby was one of many triage units during 9-11. Also al the window including the one to our room were blown out. The bell hop that was so nice and brought our luggage up to the room is still undergoing treatment for his lungs because of all the dust. The other bell hop who helped me with my scooter said he was supposed to fly that day but just didn’t have a peace about it. He said he has his plane tickets from that day framed. So yesterday when it was the anniversary of 9/11 I was just thinking about our view in NYC and all of their stories and it was just very surreal. I felt it on a whole new level.

Ground Zero

After checking into our hotel and taking showers we felt refreshed and were ready to experience New York City. Our first stop was Times Square. Wow It was super busy in Times Square. It’s even more interesting when your on a scooter. Let’s just say I honked the horn a lot and tried really hard not to run into people. I loved seeing all the lights and signs. It’s exactly how I imagined it.

Time's Square

Then we did a two hour cruise on the Hudson. If you ever go to NYC you have to do the two hour circle line cruise. It was amazing. Our pictures turned out so great. We got to see some of the best views of the city and the bridges. Also seeing Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty up close and personal was just breathtaking and very surreal.


City Views 1

City Views 2


Statue of Liberty

After our 2 hour tour we headed back to Times Square for dinner at Planet Hollywood. I had never eaten there so either their food really is just that amazing or I was starving but I stuffed myself full! It was super yummy food. We even managed to get a few fun pictures.

Planet Hollywood

After Planet Hollywood we just couldn’t call it a night. We decided that even though it was midnight we wanted to head to the Empire State Building. It was THE best time to go. There was absolutely NO line. Have I mentioned my fear of heights. I’ll mention it here again. I’m TERRIFIED of heights and it usually doesn’t hit me until I realize what I’m about to do. When I was at that elevator door and realized I was about to be 83 floors up on the outside of the building I started shaking. I was pretty freaked. When we got out of the elevator it took me quite some time to make my way over to the side and look over the side of the building. I left my scooter over to the side and took my key if I was going to be up here I might as well walk around and see it all. So we walk around take a ton of pictures.

Empire State Building 1

So when we get back to my scooter there is this girl sitting on it. I held my key up and I was like “hey this is mine”. She said, “Oh I’m sorry.” I said, “No problem.” So then her boyfriend looks at my scooter and asks, “How fast does this thing go?” I said, “It actually goes pretty fast.” He said, “Can I take it for a spin?” So I ‘m thinking in my head, ok there is nowhere this guy can go. There is only one exit. All the guards know this is my scooter and were on top of the Empire State Building I can’t miss out on an epic story. So I said sure and handed him the key. Oh man he loved it. He pumped the thing up to as fast as it could go and did three laps around the top of the building. He then comes around picks up his girlfriend puts her on his lap pumps it up as fast as it can go and does three more laps. The guards are laughing their butts off they are loving it. The friends that they are with are hooting and shouting everyone is having a blast. It was so much fun. When they were done everyone wanted their picture with me and the scooter. David now tells me that he thinks they have been a bit drunk which makes this story a bit funnier.

Empire State Building 2

So after quite an eventful day 2 of NYC we got to bed around 3 am!

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