New York Day 3

Day 3 of our vacation we set out to see the Central Park zoo only we got extremely lost! I had no idea that Central Park was so huge! I thought it was just this tiny little park in the middle of the city haha nope its HUGE! Again thank goodness I had rented that little scooter David had a hard time keeping up with me. I fell in LOVE with Central Park. I actually enjoyed that we got lost because I got to really see a lot more of the park than we would have otherwise. I wanted a picture of every little detail. The park benches and the lamp posts everything was so pretty.

Central Park 2

Central Park 1

After finally making it through the maze of Central Park we made it to the zoo. I loved the Central Park Zoo. I got to see a snow leopard and a polar bear for the first time. I had to take lots of pictures of the penguins for my friend Laura. They were cute but super stinky. The seals were super cute too. I had never seen seals before either. They did all kinds of tricks and we got to see them eat and do some behavioral training.

Central Park Zoo

After our park and zoo adventures we headed back to the hotel and cleaned ourself up for the main event. We planned our entire trip around this concert. So there is this band that we both love called Juliana Theory and they have been broken up for the past few years. The decided to do a farewell tour for their fans and we got to see the first and last show of the tour. The first being here in NYC in the Soho district. It was an awesome show to say the least. These guys rock!

Juliana Theory 2

Juliana Theory 1

Again we were out on the streets of NYC until 3 am. We found a subway and got some late night food and then got a taxi back to the hotel and crashed for the next day of adventures.

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