Massive Picture Update!!

About to do some massive picture updating! My wordpress was giving me issues so I haven’t been able to blog for the past few weeks. I hope I haven’t lost any blogging friends and viewers along the way.

So photo catchup #1 The VA State Fair 2010

We have animals

State Fair 1

Giant Pumpkins and Police Cars oh my!

State Fair 2

And then us with our giant fake cotton candy lol

State Fair 3

Blog Catchup #2 spontaneous Road Trip to Atlanta to see my very last Bobby Cox Game

Before the game we had enough time to go to the World of Coke Museum. It was pretty awesome. Learning about how they make coke and then getting to taste test coke from all over the world.

Us with the coca cola polar bear

Coke Museum 1

The had a collection of Atlanta Braves autographed baseballs.


After checking out of our hotel room later in the afternoon it was time for the game! Check us out at Turner Field.

Turner Field

Now we had to get our game gear on and get ready to cheer! Go Braves!

Braves Game Chant

Bobby Cox!

Bobby Cox

Game Time!

Game Time

Awesome story we went to Turner Field in 2008 and met the nicest usher. When we arrived at the game this time there she was!

2010 vs 2008

Braves lost but we still had a blast cheering them on and getting to see one last game with Bobby Cox. He was the manager of the Braves my entire childhood. When I was a kid mom and dad would pack up the car and we would drive the 3 hours to Atlanta to see this team play and him to coach. He has been thrown out of more games than any other coach in baseball history. Why? He defends his players. It was sad to see him go. It was like seeing a part of my childhood end.

End of the Game

Blog Catchup #3 My brother and his wife Whitney’s Visit (drove all the way from AL) (far far away)

They are newly married and hadn’t really had a honeymoon yet so I encouraged them to go to VA Beach for a few days then come hang out with us for two days.

Here they are on the beach.

Joe and Whitney

We took them to the theme park King’s Dominion and after the sun went down it became the Halloween Haunt. For the first part of the day they rode a lot of roller coasters.

The Volcano

The Volcano

The Intimidator

The Intimidator

Took a break to take some cute side by side photos 🙂Us at Kings Dominion

This is called the Tomb Raider. Its NUTS!

Tomb Raider

Next up the Drop Zone

Drop Zone

And then it was dark time. Everyone meets back at the front gate and then the release the spirits and the haunting begins. The crazy part is parents know that this is rated PG13 after hours and all these tiny kids were sitting and waiting. Then they were running and screaming in real terror. I felt bad for them. I had to partake in some fake screaming lol.

The Haunt

Then we took in a few of the parks shows. This was our favorite.

The freak show

Freak Show 1

In the middle of the freak show they asked for a volunteer. David got to go onstage and stand on a man who was laying on a bed of nails.

It was freaky!

Freak Show 2

They were action packed. After some fire eating you could staple a dollar bill to this guys chest.

My brother couldn’t resist.

More Freak Show

We had fun

Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion

The next day I took my brother to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

I love this museum.


The pop art is my favorite!


And they have added this awesome reflecting pool area


After the museum we took them to our favorite pizza place Bottoms Up and then off to the Byrd for “Inception”

Night Out

Blog Catchup #4 Richmond’s Zombie Walk in Carytown

This is a fundraiser this year’s proceeds went to fighting cancer.


More Zombies

Zombie trying to get me!


Random Zombies and dogs dressed up 🙂

And More Zombies

Whew that was a lot of pictures to catch up on! We’ve had a blast over this September through October. Hope you enjoyed the Catch Up!

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