Christmas Time!!

I’m working on getting in the Christmas spirit. It just came up so fast this year and with being out of town and then sick well it seems like its been  hard to get into the mood until this week. We went on Friday and saw “A Christmas Remembered” at MCC. I love the folks there already but seeing them singing and up there acting just makes me fall in love with their talent over and over again. They are seriously talented there!

So Saturday David and I finally got the chance to decorate our tree. We put on the Christmas music and the fun began. I love decorating our tree because every single ornament on there is special. When we first got married we started a tradition, for every vacation or special event that we went to we buy a special ornament and a magnet. We’ve been married 6 years now so I have quite the collection. After decorating the tree we did something we have never done! We slow danced! It was such a special moment because I’ve always wanted to have a slow dance with him. We danced then finished the night off watching Christmas movies.

So check out a few of our decorations. I should warn you we have a slight snowman obsession!

Here are the special ornaments collected from this year. Top left is the one we picked up from our trip to NYC. Then to the right of that is the one we just got on our one day stop in the smoky mtns. Bottom left is from VA Beach earlier this year when we went to see Luna Halo. Then to the bottom right is a cute little Santa we got from the coca cola museum on our spontaneous road trip to Atlanta.
Christmas Ornaments 2010

Here are some of the spots around the house with our snowman collection.
Decorations 1

This is Luci’s favorite spot. We timed it within 2 minutes she was under the tree!

And dum dum dum dum…the tree!
Tree 2010

And this is the real snowman collection. Its getting bigger and bigger every year.
Snowman Collection

While I was at it I figured I would give you a glimpse of the massive magnetic collection too.
Fridge Collection

Yay for Christmas we even woke up to our first tiny dusting of snow the day after decoration the tree. I love this season I just have a lot of catching up to do! Christmas presents need to be bought and we haven’t done ANY shopping! At least I got something done other than the decorations I got our cards ordered! Yay can’t wait to get them in the mail 🙂

How about everyone else? How is your Christmas spirit? Is your to do list feeling as massive as mine?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Time!!”

  1. Hey girlie,

    Thanks for coming to my blog for a visit. I definitely want to keep up with you! Add me on FB! Lee Walker Merrill (I tried to add you but there are a bunch of girlies with your name.)

  2. Amanda,
    So glad you feel better, and up to the Christmas spirit. Your tree is so pretty, and Lucy so likes it under there. My Mindy did too, she was a calio also. Funny is it not we had the same kind of cats. Now I have two dogs. Two passed this year one in April and the other in June.

    Have a wonderful blessed holiday.

    Sue, Onyx Marie, and Branndi Lynn

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your cat passing 😦

      Yes I’m so happy to be feeling better. I still haven’t gotten any Christmas shopping done and the cards need to be addressed stamped and put in the mail. Guess I need to get moving huh!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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