HEALTH, LIFE, Migraines

Progress Update


Today was the first day without a headache all day long so I will take that as progress. Mostly they have been coming on at night around 9pm. So if I can figure out what is triggering them at night that would be great. I’m looking for the patterns.

In the meantime I’m counting the small victories. I’ve been feeling a bit stir crazy. I find┬árandom moments to exert some energy by getting up to do small house tasks. Yesterday I worked on some of my outdoor items. Today I cleaned all the bathroooms and the kitchen. Were talking on the floor scrubbing the floorboards. Told you getting a bit stir crazy!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I’m venturing out. I have my first personal training session in a long time at the gym in the morning and then I’m going from there to get my haircut. Then maybe venture to Trader Joes for a few grocery items.

I know seems these seem like such small things but for me they are actually pretty big baby steps. So here is to tomorrow. Hopefully I survive!

(and cheers is to clean bathrooms too!)

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