Migraine PTSD

Pain-free-pictureI keep waiting for it. I feel like its just around the corner but nothing is there. I think I have migraine PTSD.

I’ve slowly been testing my triggers and limits to make sure I’m okay enough to go back to work but this week I really went beyond all my limits. We threw a costume party this weekend with our game night friends between the cleaning, the decorating and the actual party I really pushed it!

So then I wake up today thinking I might be facing issues. Then I look out the window and see that its pouring rain. Rain is my biggest trigger. Nothing, not even a hint of a headache.

Today is day 37 in a row without a headache or migraine and I am just beyond myself in disbelief. Physical therapy has done my body wonders!

Next challenge: I go back to work Friday. That will be the true test. In the meantime, I’m focusing on not allowing the migraine PTSD to take over and just enjoy every moment!

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