HEALTH, Migraines

more migraine follow up

Ugh…had to end go to the ER last night to get some meds.

The pounding has stopped but I still have:

  • crazy neck pain
  • migraine/fibro brain fog
  • extreme sensitivity to noise
  • extreme sensitivity to light
  • some lovely tummy issues from all the magnesium i have had to take
  • food tastes weird
  • a huge giant bruise on my hand from the iv that will take forever to heal
  • full body fibro pain

I will spend the rest of the day resting. Hoping this part of the migraine goes quickly. Sometimes it can last 3 days other times it can last 60 days. In the meantime its raining…one of my worst triggers. So hopefully that will stop soon. Hope everyone is having a better day than I am.

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