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What you see…and what you don’t see

Over the weekend I shared this video on my Instagram. I got a few things done I have been working on for months. I also managed to make a casserole for the week. So like everyone else I posted my accomplishments on my social media. I immediately get responses back of “Oh it’s so glad to know your feeling better.” or “Oh so I guess your doing better”. Here is thing thing.

What you don’t see…

What you don’t see is this. It took me months to accomplish a simple cross stitch pattern because of my hands shaking or not being able to see very well most evenings with blurry vision. You don’t see the constant complaining at David to fix the lights to a brighter or lighter setting over and over again.

What you don’t see is this. It took me triple the amount of time set to prepare my casserole. Juggling everything in the kitchen. Then the blinding headache I am still experiencing today caused from trying to do something productive. Today my head is about a level 5 pain level wise. I can barely see. Everything is super blurry. My ears feel like giant caves with echoes blasting pain to my head.

Now I’m not writing this post to make you feel sorry for me. I just want to show that migraines are real. Dealing with chronic illness is very depressing. If I don’t set some sort of goals and attempt to accomplish something then I feel like I’m not living a life at all. The balance falls in focusing on what you can and cannot handle based on symptoms that day, knowing you may pay for your daily endeavor. Right now I might be paying but I”m so glad I still went for it.

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