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A Long Overdue Update

Wow, I didn’t realize that its been so long since my last update. I’ve had a few big health related issues in the last few months.

I have been having a huge fibromyalgia flare that pretty much causes chaos and causes a domino effect of symptoms. Not only do I get the lovely brain fog, tiredness and headaches but I also get super clumsy. I took I huge tumble down the stairs and thankfully didn’t break anything but pissed off the right side of my body pretty bad. A few weeks after the fall I started having really intense shoulder pain. We began working on my shoulder along with my balance and gait issues in physical therapy but the shoulder pain was nagging at me.

When I was diagnosed 10 years ago with Avascular Necrosis it killed both my hip joints causing me to have to get them replaced. I was warned that even though I had the replacements AVN is known to attack again and usually in the shoulder. I was told it could present years from the time of my replacements. So I began to have a huge growing fear that I was now dealing with AVN again so I scheduled an appointment with my orotho doctor. He promptly ordered an MRI.

This morning I had my follow up appointment with my ortho and got the results. With a HUGE sigh of relief he informed me that AVN is not showing in my shoulder at this time. I can’t tell you how good it felt in that moment to know that I wouldn’t be dealing with this depressing disease again. He did have some bad news though. The MRI does show that I have the beginning of what is called frozen shoulder. It was most likely caused as a result of my flare up of fibro. I know how lucky am I right!

So what is frozen shoulder?

So all being said, yeah it sucks that this is the prognosis. The good news is I’m already doing physical therapy 3 times a week. It looks like physical therapy and massage will have to be my go to until this thing is over.

In the meantime the bouts of clumsiness can take their toll also. I fell just last week attempting to get out of bed. That was all I did and I fell and tried to use the dresser to break my fall. Let’s just say the dresser won. I have a giant bruise on my arm and also on my hip.

In other news I am still in the middle of filing for long term disability. I think my case is finally about to be presented to the judge. So please keep your fingers crossed that it gets approved. I plan on trying to update more when my head is clear. Brain fog is just really hard to battle and makes it harder for me to post updates.

Thanks for all my friends and cheerleaders that have been checking in on me. I really appreciate it.

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