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Stabby Stabby Day

Hello Everyone, If you are still reading my blog, welcome back. First timers, nice to meet you. My name is Amanda and I use this blog to talk about and share my experience with migraine and chronic pain over the last 30 years. Today I want to share about one of the treatment options that… Continue reading Stabby Stabby Day

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The Current State of Amanda

It's been almost a year since I last blogged. Wow a whole lot can happen in a year. I haven't shared much on my blog because I didn't want to bore anyone with my daily random stuff, however, blogging is very therapeutic for me. So, I'm going to try this again but with a different… Continue reading The Current State of Amanda

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Choosing Between Your Job or Your Health…its a real pickle!!

Yet another great article from one of my favorite resources about dealing with chronic pain, The Trying to work and dealing with chronic illness is a HUGE struggle I face as do so many others. Many people wonder how to cope and what are their options. I found this article really helpful and I… Continue reading Choosing Between Your Job or Your Health…its a real pickle!!