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A Long Overdue Update

Wow, I didn't realize that its been so long since my last update. I've had a few big health related issues in the last few months. I have been having a huge fibromyalgia flare that pretty much causes chaos and causes a domino effect of symptoms. Not only do I get the lovely brain fog,… Continue reading A Long Overdue Update

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Last night I finally got to redeem my last birthday present. David got tickets for me to see Derek Hough Live. Wow what a talented choreographer and dancer he truly is and I had amazing seats. Here are a few pics and videos from the night for you to enjoy. I am paying… Continue reading Dance…Dance…Dance

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Choosing Between Your Job or Your Health…its a real pickle!!

Yet another great article from one of my favorite resources about dealing with chronic pain, The Trying to work and dealing with chronic illness is a HUGE struggle I face as do so many others. Many people wonder how to cope and what are their options. I found this article really helpful and I… Continue reading Choosing Between Your Job or Your Health…its a real pickle!!