When I was in school math was my weakest subject. I actually still count on my fingers when trying to add something up. So why do I bring up math. Because in the battle of losing weight you have to use math CONSTANTLY. From measuring out your portion sizes to counting up your calories for each meal. And for a girl that hates and stinks at math that can be quite difficult.

I have found a great website that helps me with all this math. I used it in the past when I was trying to lose weight but now I use it every day.

Its SparkPeople

This website is awesome. Not only can you track your calories but you can also track other nutrients like protein, fiber. Whatever you want it lets you custom create your food goals. Also for those of us that just don’t know how to eat healthy it will give you a food and diet plan to follow. And here is the best part. ITS FREE!

So if your having trouble tracking your calories or just need help with a food plan. Stop on by.

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