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Today’s Adventures

You know how you sometimes go to do a small task but it turns into a big task. Well today as I was loading and unloading the dishwasher the dishes I was putting away all fell out of the cabinet and onto a candle I had sitting nearby. Glass went everywhere. I ended up with some small scratches on my arms and feet but thank goodness I didn’t get cut worse. Glass was everywhere though. It took me forever to sweep it all up. I had to sweep inside the dishwasher, under the microwave, all over the counter tops and of course the kitchen floor. I can’t believe that little candle broke into so many pieces.

I also managed to get in a 30 minute workout on my bike today with some yoga stretching after and some lunges. I’m sure I will feel that tomorrow. I’m excited because I have my personal training session tomorrow. I really like working with weights.

Then for tonight’s adventures we went to my favorite restaurant at the moment Portico to celebrate my birthday with David’s parents.

Migraine update: I’ve still continued to have a consistent migraine off and on each day. Today’s migraine only lasted a few hours. I can only take Advil during this detox time so I have to just ride each one out. I’ve been keeping a very thorough diary though to go over with my doctor at my next visit. So I’m making progress it just takes a while to get all the meds out of my system and out of the rebound cycle.

For now I look forward to tomorrow which is my birthday. 36 here I come!

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