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“Living Beyond Yourself” by Beth Moore

So on Tuesday I started my fall bible study called “Living Beyond Yourself” by Beth Moore. I’m doing this bible study on this website

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I’m really excited about this bible study. About a year ago God gave me the idea of doing online based bible studies by using a blog format. I’ve been using my own blog to do this and also have been working with my church to develop this. When I found this website during just some random searching one night I was so excited. They are doing exactly what I had in my heart to do. I was even more excited when I saw that they were about to do a bible study on the fruit of the spirit. Something that I have been wanting to study for sometime and even better its by Beth Moore one of my favorites. So every Tuesday for a while you will see me posting my reflecions from this study over here on my blog.

God is already doing some amazing things in my heart and I’ve made some great connections with some other ladies. I’ll actually be guest hosting and leading session 2. I’m really nervous but really excited about it.

Again just can’t wait to see all that God has in store!!

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