Bathroom Fix Up

So spur of the moment this past week while mom was over I was telling her how I was tired of my guest bathroom looking so blah. I wanted to turn it more into looking kinda like a spa. This is the only bathroom in our house that has a tub where I can soak my hips in so I literally wanted to turn this into my little personal retreat. Plus we are having game nights and guests over every weekend now so it needed a little sprucing up. It was so much fun. We pretended like we were on an episode of HGTV and decided to capture the whole event on film.

So Mom and I are great at making over rooms we both watch a LOT of HGTV. We went around the house looking for things we could re-purpose for the bathroom. I had some paintings that I painted a few years ago that still hadn’t found a place to hang yet. I had just bought some black hand towels and rug for the floor. Its amazing what just a few little accessories can do for a little room. So here you have it. The before and after.



I love how it turned out. I now feel like my little guest bath is a little spa retreat!

So I found this awesome new website blog that features projects and crafts.

I loved finding this site because its great seeing what kind of other projects people are doing and how to do them. Hopefully this will inspire me to do more projects 🙂

3 thoughts on “Bathroom Fix Up”

  1. Hi Amanda ~ Thanks for visiting my blog today. You were asking about the character drawing in my header. My dear friend, Kate, drew it for me. I am trying to talk her into starting a little business, for bloggers. I love it.Fondly,Glenda

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